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Note: V5 Only

The  USB File Storage  allows you to share media on your USB stoarge on the Ezhotspot. Only connected devices on the LAN port & SSID "ez@XXXXXX" are able to access to the shared medias. The USB storage must use the following file formats to be supported.

  • VFAT
  • FAT32

How to access USB Storage?

For Apple or Android devices, go to Appstore / Playstore. Search for SMB or CIFS app and download. Connect to a Windows or NAS profile. When prompted for Hostname/IP configuration settings, type "". Type "guest" with no password to proceed.

For Windows, go to "Network". If network discovery is enabled, an EZWIFI icon will be shown. Alternatively, you can add Map a network drive by adding "\\\storage" as the path. Type "guest" with no password to proceed.

For MAC, go to Finder's Go menu, choose "Connect to Server." Enter the address "smb://". Type "guest" with no password to proceed.

Important Note: Only unplug a USB drive when Ezhotspot is powered down or when there is no writing to the USB drive.