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In the  My SSID, Key & Channel  menu, you can :

change the broadcasted SSID as desired
hide your broadcasted SSID as desired
Note: when hiding SSID, you need to refer to your device's wireless setting to manually join to the EZhotspot
change the wireless key as desired
adjust the transmitting power as desired
change the wireless channel as desired when in a wireless router or wireless AP mode
Note: changing of wireless channel is not possible when in repeater | extender mode



This menu allows you to change the wireless channel of the EZhotspot Extender with the built-in smart wireless detector and selector.
Note: If you are currently repeating another remote wireless network, it will be indicated as LOCKED and no changing is possible.



This menu allows you to assign the SSID and wireless key of the EZhotspot EXtender.



This menu allows you to hide and not broadcast the SSID of the EZhotspot Extender.



This menu allows you to change the transmitting power of the Ezhotspot Extender.
Note: When set to 0, it assumes automatic selection by the capability of the wireless radio driver software.

  20 dBm


Als u de SSID ez@XXXXXX wilt wijzigen, zie onderstaande link.

Ga naar het menu Configuratie en status -> Mijn SSID, sleutel en kanaal


If you want to change the SSID ez@XXXXXX, please see below link.

Go to Configuration & Status menu --> My SSID, key & Channel