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The EzHotspot Extender is a wireless long range repeater that repeats and amplify a weak remote wireless so that smartphones, tablets and laptops can easily access the remote wireless network.

It can also share a 3G/4G dongle or smartphone's data services, when connected to the USB port.

It can also be connected with a LAN cable to your existing ADSL/Cable/Fiber Modem router to perform as a long range wireless access point or wireless router.

It essentially out-perform many of newly advertised mesh routers in the industry today in term of range and portability, because

  • you can watch a local TV streaming when abroad without having to install VPN software on every device
  • you cannot bring these mesh routers to your camper or yacht
  • these mesh routers cannot repeat a public hotspot 
  • these mesh routers do not offer a failover option to a 3G/4G connectivity
  • you do not need to download additional APP to configure the network
  • you need only 1 EzHotspot Extender, instead of a bundle of these mesh routers wasting precious electricity and creating more point of failures

Most of all our resellers have a 14 days no dispute return policy. Ask them about it. We invite you to try it out for yourself and you shall soon find out that the Ezhotspot Extender is all you will ever need for your wireless connectivity needs, whether at home or holidays.