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 In this menu, you can use the Metric slider to adjust the gateway priority as desired in multiple gateways.

Gateway is the source where you obtain the internet from. On the EZhotspot Extender, the gateway can be from the:

  when a network cable is inserted from your home router to the BLUE port of the EZhotspot Extender
  when repeating/extending to a another WiFi signal
  when a supported USB dongle, iPhone or Android phone is inserted into the USB port(s)

By default, the WAN is assigned with the lowest Metric priority, followed by the wireless (*5Ghz/24.Ghz), and the USB port(s). You can override the priority easily by sliding the specific gateway to the lowest value possible, which 10. 

Example: You are on a campsite connected to the campsite's public WiFi hotspot and you also have a USB dongle connected to the USB port. By default, the gateway is currenly the public WiFi hotspot. Then, there is a problem with the public WiFi hotspot and you need internet access. In this menu, you can slide the Metric value of the USB port to a value lower than the wireless gateway or temporarily disable the wireless gateway.

When you connected using the  OpenVPN Client  , the EZhotspot Extender automatically assign  the Metric value of 0 to the VPN connection. This means the gateway is now the VPN connection.

Lower Metric = Higher Priority.

This menu shows the current internet status and gateway source. 

For example below, there is currently internet available and the gateway is from the WAN port, because WAN port has been configured to the lowest metric value of 20 




Metric: 20



  No Connection
  Connected. But no internet
  Connected with internet
       Source of current internet
Metric    Value of current Metric


This menu allows you to adjust the Metric value for the WAN port 

Device : WAN PORT
IP Assigned : 

 Metric:  20


This menu allows you to adjust the Metric value for the wireless when you are repeating/extending another WiFi signal 


SSID Joined : camping 5g
IP Assigned : 
Wireless Channel : 161


Metric:  30


This menu allows you to adjust the Metric value for the USB port 


Device : ZTE
IP Assigned :

 Metric:  70


 This menu shows you the actual public Internet IP address. It is usually different than the IP address assigned as shown in the WAN, wireless or USB gateways

Current Public IP :



Note: 5Ghz is only available on the V5