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The Advanced Dashboard is an advanced menu and any settings made in the advanced dashboard may interfere with current configurations in the Ezwizard menu. If device is performing strangely after a configuration made in the Advanced Dashboard, use the Factory Reset or HOLD & PRESS the reset button with a pointed object for 10 seconds, then release to perform a soft factory reset.

The Advanced Dashboard should be used with care and with understanding of the functionalities. Depending on certain specific needs, our technical support team may provide you step by step instructions to making certain adjustment for your requirement.

There is no built-in documentation or user manual and that documentation is ONLY available at and support is ONLY available at

The EZhotspot Extender is based on the embedded OpenWRT and contain the necessary apps or certain Administrative Rights to this device as to to prevent detrimental damage to this device. Most configurations can be easily made from the EZWizard menu.