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 Auto Recovery  is a feature of the EzSetup to ensure that you are able to connect to EZhotspot Extender's private SSID in the event that EZhotspot Extender fails to join/extends/repeat a remote hotspot or wireless network. By default, it is always enabled after a new power cycle or reboot.

The working principle of the EZhotspot Extender' is that it creates 2 virtual wireless network, the first for joining a remote wireless network and the private SSID for devices to join to it.

When you have specified a remote network (SSID) to join, the EZhotspot Extender gives priority to join the remote network before displaying the private SSID for devices to join. The Ezhotspot Extender device may have to check different channels for the best wireless signal and switch channel to join to the remote network. Once successful, the same wireless channel used will also be assigned to the private SSID. That is why sometimes, you might temporarily get disconnected.

If Auto Recovery is disabled, it will keep searching to join with the last saved profile (SSID and wireless key) even if the hotspot, remote wireless access point is no longer in range or the wireless key credentials were incorrect. If that happens, the result is that you will not be able to see the Ezhotspot EXtender's private SSID, ez@XXXXXX. Reboot the device in such event.