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Note: Always power the EZhotspot Extender for at least 1 minute, then perform Soft or Hard reset as required.

A Hard Factory reset can be perform by:

  1. Hold & Press the physical Reset button for 45 Seconds before releasing the Reset button.

Hard Factory reset takes about 9-12 minutes for the EZhotspot Extender to be reachable again. EVERYTHING is reset to default:

V4 - 9 minutes

V5 - 12 minutes

The Hard Factory reset is used when the Soft Factory cannot resolve certain issues.

Note: To perform a physical reset, you need a sharp pointed object such as the end of a paper clip to access the Reset Button. Depress with a light force and DO NOT use excessive force which might damage the reset button. Damaged reset button are classified as human negligence and will void the warranty of your product.