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In this menu, you can uppgrade to a newer firmware if the EZhotspot Extender has detected there is a newer firmware version on the internet by prompting you to download it to the EZhotspot Extender directly or alternatively, you can manually upgrade by first downloading the firmware to a computer and uploading it to the EZhotSpot Extender.


Firmware Status
This Device : Version 5.00 (ReL 2018-8-01)
Online Server : Version 5.50 (ReL 2019-06-20)

Firmware not found on device RAM


 After clicking on the  download  button, please wait for the next screen to appear as follow. The response depends on the current internet speed. On newer firmware versions, the  Upgrade  button is only shown when the firmware has passed verification.

Firmware downloaded to Device's RAM


In this option, you need to first download a firmware from our website and manually upload it to the EZhotspot Extender. Every uploaded firmware uploaded is then verified by theEZhotspot Extender to ensure the firmware is correct and not courrupted.

 Manually flash firmware No file uploaded