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The  Scan All Network  allows you to scan and join to all types of wireless network, including hidden wireless networks. The realtime wireless signal strength (RSSI) reading allows you to optimally adjust and position your antenna to receive the best wireless signal. 

All detected wireless signal are arranged from Best to Worst. In the general scan, you have a graphical overview:

  indicates wireless signal that was detected
                      indicates the wireless network is secured and requires a wireless key or more credentials
  indicates the wireless channel which it is operating on


 This menu allows you to perform another scan.

scan again

This menu allows you to perform an automatic scan.
Click on the  stop scanning  menu to stop scanning.
On the V5, you can switch between 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz scanning

auto scan

This menu allows you to join to a hidden network

join to a hidden network

Note: Hidden networks are not broadcasted and cannot be detected. For hidden wireless networks, you need to obtain the exact SSID & wireless key from the owner and enter precisely. Upper & Lower case characters and spaces are most common mistakes made, failing to join to a hidden wireless network.

This menu will prompt you the  Reboot  menu

Note: If you cannot see any scan results, it means the EZhotspot Extender is repeatably trying to join to the remote WiFi network in your previous attempt because the  auto recovery  menu was disabled. Only a reboot can stop this process.