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Whilst every effort has been made by EZWiFi to offer compatibility to as many third-party devices as possible, such as 3/4/5G LTE dongle, Android and iPhone as possible, EZWiFi is not liable or to provide further technical support in the event the mentioned third-party devices do not work with the Ezhotspot Extender in the USB tethering mode. Examples:

IOS Devices (iPhone) with firmware IOS9.X or below:
The necessary communication link which requires a SSL certification between the Ezhotspot Extender and the IOS device has expired and the EzHotspot can no longer verify an IOS device with an old IOS firmware.

IOS Devices (iPhone) with firmware IOS14 or above:
Upgrade firmware to work with IOS14

Android Devices:
Different hardware manufacturer uses different variations of the general Google(Android) firmware and may make proprietary changes to their firmware. Sometimes, the customized firmware by the hardware manufacturer may have omitted the necessary requirement for USB tethering. Users are advised to check for their phone's firmware update or to check if their Android phone and current firmware version has such a possible issue by searching on the internet, for example searching "Nokia 8 USB tethering problem".

3/4/5G LTE dongles:
Most 3/4/5G LTE dongles are sold with the Hilink mode firmware to allow instant usage on computers and laptop wiithout additional driver installation and also allows the EzHotspot to detect the USB dongles easily. However, some supplies of these 3/4/5G LTE dongles are sold in Stick mode, which the EzHotspot Extender cannot detect unless the 3/4G LTE dongles are updated to the Hilink modes. To switch from Stick to Hilink mode, it is required to refer to the manufacturer's guide.