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Some ISPs may only offer IPv6 connections from a DSL, Fiberglass, Cable or 3/4/5G service. While most client devices may work without any issues and modification from the immediate gateway device, it may pose a problem for a security device such as the Ezhotspot Extender with a built-in firewall to further protect the client devices connected to it, unless the IPv6 service is disabled on the Ezhotspot Extender.

To perform this:

  • go to --> Advanced Dashboard --> Interfaces
  • find MY_NETWORK and click on the    EDIT   button
  • scroll to the bottom or locate the DHCP Server IPv6 Settings
  • In the Router Advertisement-Service, the default is "server mode". Select "disabled"
  • Scroll to bottom and click on the   SAVE &  APPLY   button to effect.
  • Re-connect the client devices again