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In the Ezhotspot Extender, there is a built-in failover feature.

With the Ezhotspot Extender, you can concurrently:

1. Connect a LAN cable from a ADSL/Cable/Fiber Modem to the WAN port of the Ezhotspot Extender
2. Wirelessly connect to to a remote wireless network
3. Connect a 3G/4G dongle to the USB port or tether a smartphone to the Ezhotspot Extender

all at the same time!

The priority is by default configured as such; WAN ---> Wireless ---> USB manner.

This priority can be overrride by using the     Gateway Override   function.

For example, when you have both an existing wireless joined connection and a 3G/4G dongle connected, the priority is always given to the wireless connection. When you lose the wireless connection to the remote hotspot, the internet is automatically switched to the 3G/4G. When you have joined to a new remote wireless network, the internet again is reverted back to the remote wireless hotspot. This ensure that no 3G/4G data is unnecessarily used.

Note: The failover will not automatically revert back to a wireless network. A new wireless scan and successful joining is required before the the gateway is switched back to the remote wireless network