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There is a good wireless signal of 3 green bar or more, but cannot join to the remote open network and Ezhotspot keeps returning to the configuration menu.


  1. This troubleshooting requires 2 devices ( A phone with data package, sharing the personal hotspot and another device configuring the Ezhotspot Extender). Briefly share the personal hotspot on your Apple or Android phone. Most people have a data package on their mobile subscription which includes local and roaming allowance. This test uses minimal data and is to ensure the wireless capabilities are performing normally.

    Apple personal hotspot

    Android personal hotspot

    After sharing your personal hotspot, use another device to connect to the EZhotspot and connect to your personal hotspot's SSID. If successful, please look at point #3. (remember to switch off your personal hotspot)

  2. Have you made any configuration changes from the Advanced Dashboard? 

    The EzHotspot is factory shipped with best configuration to connect to a hotspot. If adjustments are made in the Advanced Dashboard, it might interfere with the settings to properly connect. In this case, perform a Soft Factory reset to the Ezhotspot.


  3. The Ezhotspot may be blocked by the hotspot operator. Hotspot operators like to sell as many internet vouchers to you as possible and some of these Hotspot operators have out-resourced the internet service to specialized companies who will track possible wireless repeaters and block the MAC Address from connecting. A MAC Address is an unique identification code belonging to a networking element.

    Some hotspot operators will mention it is due to unfair usage while some hotspot will deny to know anything. They are only concerned to block the MAC address of the repeater and that you will purchase more internet vouchers. In this case, change the MAC address of the Ezhotspot.

Change MAC Address