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This menu allows you to configure the Transparent Repeater
Note: You need to first join to a wireless network you want to repeat. Otherwise, you will be prompted to do so 

connect first


This menu allows you to enter the Transparent Repeater's SSID broadcasted by the EZhotspot Extender.
For example: A different name to differentiate from the home router or repeat using the same SSID as the home router. 


Note: On the V5, it is only possible to configure the Transparent Repeater on either the 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz. If you are already repeating on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, you will be prompted to disconnect an existing connection before you are allowed to further proceed in this menu.

Note: The wireless key of the Transparent Repeater is the same as the original home router.

Note: For firmware version 4.12 and below: When you to exit from the Transparent Repeater, press and hold the reset button for 12~15 seconds and the device is back to a factory default, ready to join to a new wireless network.


The  Transparent Repeater  function creates a transparent wireless bridge to the joined network and allow both wired & wireless clients connecting to the EZhotspot Extender to obtain networking credentials directly from your ADSL/Cable/Fiber Router or DHCP server.

The result is that all devices will appear to be on a single network, making Network Access Storage, File & Printer Sharing, IP cameras, etc; easy to access. The  Transparent Repeater  is great if you planned on using the EZhotspot EXtender on a long term basis at home to extend the wireless signal of your original wireless router.

The Transparent Repeater  does not work on public hotspots requiring portal login, WEP encrypted networks (very outdated & unsafe!) and WPA/WPA Enterprise 802.1x encrypted networks.

Depending on the product with the firmware version and above:

  • EZ311-V4 (firmware version 4.48)
  • EZ511-V5 (firmware version 5.50)
  1. Scan and connect to the wireless Google Mesh SSID.

  2.  After a successful connection, go to  Special Add-Ons  -->  Transparent Repeater  menu.

  3. Specify a desired SSID for the EZhotspot to broadcast and confirm to proceed.

  4. When the countdown completes, the desired SSID with the wireless key (similar to join to the Google Mesh SSID) is broadcasted by the Ezhotspot..

  5. Any device joining to this new SSID will be assigned an IP address from the Google Mesh network. The device will be on the same subnet mask as other devices joined directly to the wireless Google Mesh network.