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Regularly, we provide new updates of the Ezhotspot Extender's operating system (firmware) and that they may contain new features, functions and security fixes in newer firmware releases. A static PDF may confuse users whose EZhotspot extender may be on a older firmware and do not contain the pertaining function or features, until they perform a firmware upgrade.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to check with our   What Why How   menu in real time for the most updated information.

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  •  User Manual   - functions and features that indicate a certain minimum firmware to work.

  •   Frequently Asked Questions   - where you can find dynamic information to troubleshooting when you are stuck. Because every campsite can be different and there are many on-site possibilities with the Ezhotspot extender, there is always an answer for every question ever encountered by a holiday maker while camping or for use at home. 

  •  Firmware   - a section where you can easily download and manually upgrade the Ezhotspot extender's firmware.

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The Extended Guide button menu in the EZhotspot extender itself readily re-direct you to the on-line What Why How  when the Ezhotspot Extender has internet access.

To have internet everywhere can be challenging depending on the budget and the quality of the internet access needed. Before the ceasing of the EU roaming charges, most campers would reply mostly on campsites or resorts that provide free/paid wifi and steer away from 3/4G subscription to avoid any shock at the end of the month when the bill comes.

It was truly a happy moment for campers after mid 2017, when voice/data roaming charges in EU were ceased and unlimited data offers start popping out in the market at the same time. Though some telecom operators offering national unlimited data, the roaming data are still capped to a certain limit when outside of the country. So, is it time to completely say goodbye to wifi?

As developers of the extender, we often had to step into the fields to experience what other campers are experiencing so as to understand their needs and improve our products. Since, we have developed the EZhotspot Extender which is a hybrid of a long range wifi extender and a mifi router working concurrently. It gives priority when it is repeating a remote wifi hotspot and when the wifi hotspot is out of sight, it switches to using the 3/4G data from a USB dongle or an Apple/Android connected to the USB port.

It is interesting that the need for internet varies by people and in different situation and location. Here, we are going to talk about  3 common types of internet access.

  •  3G/4G
    There is now 3/4G with no EU roaming charges since mid 2017. So, why bother with wifi? Of course, there a few pointers to consider like the size of your monthly limits, and how much can you use it nationally or outside of the country. For example if you have a family with a big appetite for media streaming, a 10Gb will not suffice for more than 2~3 days when outside of the country. In some remote locations, if your smartphone shows a little GRPS word at the top, you will be better off looking for a wifi hotspot to connect. The EZhotspot Extender gives you to possibility concurrently extend a wifi hotspot and sharing your 3/4G data at the same time. By default, it will always use the wifi hotspot unless the wifi hotspot is out range or manually switched to the 3/4G data.

  • Free wifi
    Campsites offering free wifi sounds very appealing, but often these campsites do not invest much into the wifi infrastructure and may provide only very limited coverage within a certain area like the reception and usage is not guaranteed. When being allocated a space at the far side, you realized that your smartphone or tablet shows only a wireless signal bar of the free wifi and can barely connected at times. This is where the EZhotspot Extender long range extender is useful to regenerate the weak hotspot signal into a strong private wireless network where only your members can access to.

  • Paid wifi
    Campsites offering paid wifi tend to provide better infrastructure where your smartphone or tablet seemed to always show a a full wireless signal bar at every location. Of course, they have to make money to recoup the investment and also leasing to a high bandwidth internet to fulfill the campers. The downside is that it requires you to purchase a voucher for a day or a week and the voucher can only be used on a single device usually. If you have a family of 4 people, you probably need to buy 4 vouchers. With the EZhotspot Extender long range extender, you need only 1 voucher. The first person who tries to browse the internet will always be greeted by the splash page, or the login captive portal. When the voucher (code/password) is correctly entered, all the other family member can now use the internet without any voucher.

In conclusion, the EZhotspot Extender allows you to switch to a free/paid wifi when you are stationary and save some 3/4G data for the road. With the block management function, for example you can prevent your videos or photos taken on a Apple device to be sync to a few other Apple devices. This reduces unnecessary data usage when on 3/4G.



The current Ezhotspot Extender V4and V5 is the 4th & 5th generation, since we started with V1. Every year, we bring newer features and possibilities for the camper & yachting communities to enjoy seamless internet access no matter where they are and this is undisputed by our growing pool of the Ezhotspot extender users.

Most of all our resellers have a 14 days no dispute return policy. Ask them about it. We invite you to try it out for yourself and you shall soon find out that the Ezhotspot Extender is all you will ever need for your wireless connectivity needs, whether at home or holidays.



Yes, there is a planned "mini version" that will be powered by 5V through a USB port. 

However, we are still evaluating how ready the consumer market will be able to accept a mini EzHotspot extender that will have a lower range coverage than the existing EZhotspot Extender. The universal rule is that electricity power = wireless transmission power. An incoming power of 5V/1A will never be able to match the performance produced by 12V/1.5A.

The EZhotspot Extender primary function is to repeat a weak wireless signal. If the supplied power is insufficient, the performance will drastically deteriorate.  

The Ezhotspot Extender's power consumption is normally 2 watts with momentary highest peak of 12 watts.

Nothing is more convincing than seeing itself, so we decided to make a video using a energy monitor below.

The video is speed up by 6X times.

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What is V4?

Below is a comparison table of Ezhotspot V4 and some known camper/yachts hotspot repeaters in the European market.

  EzWifi V4Brand (E)Brand (S)Brand (A)
Hardware Technical Specifications
Wireless Speed 300Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps 150Mbps
Antenna 1 x 8dBi omni
2 x 5dBi onmi
2 x 5dBi Omni 2 x 5dBi Omni 1 x 9dBi omni
1 x 5dBi omni
4 x LAN
2 x LAN 2 x LAN 1 x WAN
1 x LAN
Dual Wireless Radio optional icon icon icon
iPhone / Android
USB Sharing Support
icon icon icon icon
dongle support
icon icon icon up to 3.5G
12V Car adapter kit icon optional icon optional
Instant Antenna
icon bracket
cable ties
cable ties
cable ties
optional suction cup
Software feature, configuration & Support
Setup on Handphone icon icon icon icon
Setup from Tablet icon icon icon icon
Auto recover if
cannot join remote
icon icon icon icon
Auto failover
to 3G/4G/LTE
icon icon icon icon
Guest Wifi icon icon icon icon
Transparent Repeating icon icon icon icon
Content Control Block websites
Block cloud syncing
Block updates
icon icon icon
WPA Enterprise
icon icon
cannot upload
CA /Client cert
icon icon
cannot upload
CA /Client cert
Firmware Support Automatic
No firmware found
on product website 
Download from product page method
Auto Language
detection Support
icon icon icon icon
Product Support website icon icon icon
only user manual