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Every successful connection made to a remote wireless network are stored in the  Save Connections  Menu, which the auto connect is enabled by default. It stores up to the last 20 successful connections based on the SSID.

When the extender is powered up or rebooted, it will scan for the stored SSIDs in the saved connection. If there are several unique remote wireless networks with the same SSID, the extender will preferably join to the network (SSID) with the best signal strength.

If the extender cannot find any remote wireless networks in a period of 30 seconds, the ezwizard menu will be prompted again.

Note: during the 30 seconds scanning, the extender's private SSID (ez@XXXXXX) may not be visible.


This menu allows you to disable or enable the auto connect when the Ezhotspot Extender is powered up or rebooted.




When you click on a saved connection, you are presented with a menu to join or delete the single entry.



This menu allows you to delete ALL the saved connections

Delete saved connections