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Note: Always power the EZhotspot Extender for at least 1 minute, then perform Soft or Hard reset as required.

A Soft Factory reset can be perform by 2 options:

  1. Selecting on the  Factory Reset  menu in the EZwizard menu.
  2. Hold & Press the physical Reset button for 15 Seconds before releasing the Reset button.

Soft Factory takes about 60 seconds for the EZhotspot Extender to be reachable again. The following are reset to default:

  • Administrator password
  • SSID & wireless keys

Note: To perform a physical reset, you need a sharp pointed object such as the end of a paper clip to access the Reset Button. Depress with a light force and DO NOT use excessive force which might damage the reset button. Damaged reset button are classified as human negligence and will void the warranty of your product.