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The EzHotspot Extender is factory configured to use WPA-PSK/WPA2PSK Mixed Mode (TKIP/AES) to allow a wider range of devices, including older devices such as older smartphones, wireless alarm systems, IPcams, Chromecast, Smart home switches and other IoT devices to seamlessly join to the Ezhotspot Extender.

You can follow Apple's recommendation to use WPA2 (AES) in the Advanced Dashboard --> Network --> HotSpot by selecting the required SSID and under Wireless Security -->

  • Encryption - Select  "WPA2"
  • Cipher - Select "Force CCMP AES" 

If you encounter wireless issues, you should revert back to the previous mode.

WPA3 is newer and currently not as stable as it is claimed so. Many wireless issues have been reported due to WPA3 and EzWiFi will evaluate the situation and release at a later firmware update appropriately. Further, WPA3 itself currently has flaws and makes little difference from previous WPA or WPA2.