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In this menu, you can change the MAC address of the EZhotspot Extender.

During a first initiation or after a Hard Factory Reset, the EZhotspot Extender generates a random and unique MAC address to be used as the operational value to be identified when the EZhotspot Extender  repeat to another wireless network. This value is different from the actual hardware value as compared to the label underneath the casing of the EZhotspot Extender.

This option is always selected by default and is the current operational value being used.



V5 - Only on firmware version 5.77 or higher
V4 - Only on firmware version 4.62 or higher

 This option allows you to clone a MAC address of an existing connected client to the Ezhotspot Extender. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value


Usage Example:
On some public hotspots, the internet voucher is locked to the first device logged in. If you have logged in to a hotspot on your iPad, the internet voucher cannot be used on the Ezhotspot Extender or other devices. You can use this menu to clone the MAC address of thr iPad. 

First, connect connect the iPad to the Ezhotspot Extender. The iPad's MAC address will then be indicated in this dropdown menu. If you need to know how to check for a device's MAC address, please read more below:


 This option allows you to randomly generate a MAC address. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value



 This option allows you to manually generate a MAC address by using the keypad below. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value




Note: The new MAC address value will only be operational in a new connection. If you are currently connected, you should disconnect and re-connect again for the new value to be effective.