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If the 5Ghz SSID of the Ezhotspot Extender V5 does not show up after repeating a remote network, it means you have joined to a DFS channel. It is never recommended to join to a DFS channel because DFS channels are subjected to radar avoidance and wireless networks in these channels may switch off temporarily or switch to another channel after a certain delay, when a dominating radio signal from a weather, military or aviation broadcast is detected. You can read more on the below link:

It is recommended to repeat a non-DFS channels 36, 40, 44 & 48 if possible.

To override this, follow the instructions:

01. Go to the   Advanced Dashboard  -->  Network  -->  Hotspot-Wifi   menu

02. Locate  EzWifi (radio0) / Mode Master  and click on the EDIT button as shown below:


03. Go to the   Advanced Settings  tab.

04. Select 20Mhz or 40Mhz in the HT Mode (Box1) as shown below:

  • 20Mhz for more reliability 
  • 40Mhz for more bandwidth if possible. If 40Mhz is selected, untick Force 40Mhz (Box 2) 


05. Scroll to bottom and click on  SAVE & APPLY 

Completed. The 5Ghz of the Ezhotspot Extender will broadcast now when repeating a DFS channel.