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IPv4 and IPv6 are both protocols to ensure that you can connect to the Internet. Providers are increasingly using IPv6 addresses because the IPv4 addresses are running out.

In some cases, for example with the hotspot extender, IPv4 must be used. Below you can see how to adjust it:

Step 1. Insert the SIM card into the 4G dongle.

Step 2. Insert the 4G dongle into your device and connect to the default IP address

Step 3. You will now see the following overview. Press at the top on Mobile Network


Step4. Press the + sign at Profiles


Step5. Create an APN profile here with the correct APN name, you can request this from your provider, or take a look at the following list: List of different providers and associated APNs

Step6. For IP type, choose IPv4 . Forces the use of IPv4.