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The Linux communities have widely reported that after an iPhone is upgraded to IOS14 and above, the USB tethering is no longer working with any devices except MAC and Windows computer, installed with iTunes.

Note: iPhone with IOS 14 and above is no longer supported on the Ezhotspot series until further notice.

Fixed on firmware version 4.60 and 5.75.

See Firmware Section


There is an unreleased firmware version, which solves the USB sharing on IOS 14. It is currently scheduled to be officially released in Jan 2021.

It currently works with iPhone running on IOS14.2.x and IOS 14.3.

You can download the respective firmware(s) for V4 or V5 from the below link. As it is currently still in testing, no official support is available until further notice.

EZ311-V4 (4.60)

EZ511-V5 (5.75)

Important Note: When the SSID starts broadcasting after completion of flashing firmware, it is advisable to reboot the EzHotspot Extender once, to ensure it is working properly.