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my SSID, Key & Channel

Change Mac Address

Dashboard password

OTA firmware upgrade


Keep Internet Alive

Auto recovery

Reboot Schedule

wpa supplicant

System log

My SSID, Key & Channel

In the  My SSID, Key & Channel  menu, you can :

change the broadcasted SSID as desired
hide your broadcasted SSID as desired
Note: when hiding SSID, you need to refer to your device's wireless setting to manually join to the EZhotspot
change the wireless key as desired
adjust the transmitting power as desired
change the wireless channel as desired when in a wireless router or wireless AP mode
Note: changing of wireless channel is not possible when in repeater | extender mode



This menu allows you to change the wireless channel of the EZhotspot Extender with the built-in smart wireless detector and selector.
Note: If you are currently repeating another remote wireless network, it will be indicated as LOCKED and no changing is possible.



This menu allows you to assign the SSID and wireless key of the EZhotspot EXtender.



This menu allows you to hide and not broadcast the SSID of the EZhotspot Extender.



This menu allows you to change the transmitting power of the Ezhotspot Extender.
Note: When set to 0, it assumes automatic selection by the capability of the wireless radio driver software.

  20 dBm


Als u de SSID ez@XXXXXX wilt wijzigen, zie onderstaande link.


Ga naar het menu Configuratie en status -> Mijn SSID, sleutel en kanaal


If you want to change the SSID ez@XXXXXX, please see below link.


Go to Configuration & Status menu --> My SSID, key & Channel

Change Mac Address

In this menu, you can change the MAC address of the EZhotspot Extender.

During a first initiation or after a Hard Factory Reset, the EZhotspot Extender generates a random and unique MAC address to be used as the operational value to be identified when the EZhotspot Extender  repeat to another wireless network. This value is different from the actual hardware value as compared to the label underneath the casing of the EZhotspot Extender.

This option is always selected by default and is the current operational value being used.



V5 - Only on firmware version 5.77 or higher
V4 - Only on firmware version 4.62 or higher

 This option allows you to clone a MAC address of an existing connected client to the Ezhotspot Extender. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value


Usage Example:
On some public hotspots, the internet voucher is locked to the first device logged in. If you have logged in to a hotspot on your iPad, the internet voucher cannot be used on the Ezhotspot Extender or other devices. You can use this menu to clone the MAC address of thr iPad. 

First, connect connect the iPad to the Ezhotspot Extender. The iPad's MAC address will then be indicated in this dropdown menu. If you need to know how to check for a device's MAC address, please read more below:


 This option allows you to randomly generate a MAC address. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value



 This option allows you to manually generate a MAC address by using the keypad below. When you confirm, this value will become the operational value




Note: The new MAC address value will only be operational in a new connection. If you are currently connected, you should disconnect and re-connect again for the new value to be effective.

Dashboard Password

This menu allows you to change the adminstrator/dashboard password.

Note: The default password is  root  (after a factory reset)

OTA Firmware Upgrade

In this menu, you can uppgrade to a newer firmware if the EZhotspot Extender has detected there is a newer firmware version on the internet by prompting you to download it to the EZhotspot Extender directly or alternatively, you can manually upgrade by first downloading the firmware to a computer and uploading it to the EZhotSpot Extender.


Firmware Status
This Device : Version 5.00 (ReL 2018-8-01)
Online Server : Version 5.50 (ReL 2019-06-20)

Firmware not found on device RAM


 After clicking on the  download  button, please wait for the next screen to appear as follow. The response depends on the current internet speed. On newer firmware versions, the  Upgrade  button is only shown when the firmware has passed verification.

Firmware downloaded to Device's RAM


In this option, you need to first download a firmware from our website and manually upload it to the EZhotspot Extender. Every uploaded firmware uploaded is then verified by theEZhotspot Extender to ensure the firmware is correct and not courrupted.

 Manually flash firmware No file uploaded


This menu allows you to enable or disable the LED.


Keep Internet Alive

The Keep Internet Alive feature sends out a ping signal and try to fetch a small graphic from Google so the Hotspot service does not disassociate you after a period of inactivity and requires to you to re-logon again.

Note: Some Hotspot service may require you to re-logon at certain intervals despite activity.

Note: If you are on a time-based-quota Use-On-Demand Hotspot, do not use Keep Alive signal as it may consume your time quota, though such services are very rare nowadays.


In this option, select a time interval you want the EZhotspot Extender to send the life signal and click on confirm to effect changes.


Auto Recovery

 Auto Recovery is a feature of the Ezhotspot to ensure that you are able to connect to the Ezhotspot's private SSID in the event that Ezhotspot fails to join/extends/repeat a remote hotspot or wireless network. By default, it is always enabled after a new power cycle or reboot.

The working principle of the Ezhotspot is that it has to first join to a remote wireless network before properly broadcasting a private SSID.
When you have specified a remote network (SSID) to join, the Ezhotspot gives priority to join the remote network before displaying the private SSID. Ezhotspot may have to check different channels for the best wireless signal and switch channel to join to the remote network. Once successful, the same wireless channel used will also be assigned to the private SSID. That is why sometimes, you might temporarily get disconnected.

If Auto Recovery is disabled, it will keep searching to join with the last saved profile (SSID and wireless key) even if the hotspot, remote wireless access point is no longer in range or the wireless key credentials were incorrect. If that happens, the result is that you will not be able to see the private SSID. Reboot the device in such event.

Reboot Schedule

V5 - Only on firmware version 5.77 or higher
V4 - Only on firmware version 4.62 or higher

The Reboot Schedule menu allows you to pre-set a daily time when the EzHotspot Extender will reboot automatically.


This device will reboot daily at
3:0 hrs






wpa Supplicant

This menu shows the Connectivity status and the configuration. It is used in the case of troubleshooting.

If requested during technical support, copy contents by using right click, select all and paste on email body.

System Log

This menu shows the system logs. It is used in the case of troubleshooting. "sh: write error: Broken pipe" or "No such file or directory" are normal if detected.

If requested by technical support, copy contents by using right click, select all and paste on email body.