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The Realtime signal strength scanning is an unqiue feature of the ezhotspot, not found in other competing products.

It is a standard feature in the ezhotspot that allows you to monitor the signal strength of the remote network before joining and allows you to position or adjust the antenna in the best optimized position for a perfect connection.

It is ideal especially if you are using a directional antenna such as a parabolic or yagi antenna which has very limited operating angles and is critical to position the antenna at the right direction. 

For the default supplied antenna, it may make a great contrast in performance if you are adjusting it higher or from the left side of your caravan to the right side, for example.

The signal strength indication is narrowed down to the specific remote network you are intending to join and is refresh at 2~3 seconds intervals.

To use this feature:

  • Simply make a  Scan All Network  in the Wizard menu
  • Select the remote network you are intending to join to
  • Monitor the Real time RSSI Status as you position your antenna
  • When 2 green bars and (35/70 or more LINK Quality is achieved) 
  • Confirm to join!