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Important Notes:

- Ensure the sim card is properly inserted into the  E3131 stick.
- Ensure the sim card has a valid data subscription.
- If your sim card is supplied with a sim PIN , please remember this PIN as you will need it. (example:
- Ensure you have the required APN settings of the mobile operator you are joining to. An updated reference can be located at

Step 1: connect your smartphone or tablet to the V4's SSID ez@xxxxxx. Sign in if prompted to.

Step 2: Enter Configure when prompt

Step 3: Select WAN/USB/3G/4G(LTE), which will show a sub menu and select 3G/4G/LTE USB Stick

Step 4: Plug in the  E3131 stick now. Shortly, the V4 will detect it as HUAWEI Mobile and an APN Settings button is prompt. Click on the APN Settings button

Step 5: In this example, we are connecting to a Dutch mobile operator, KPN. Accordingly to, the settings are as follow:

APN - internet (default)
SIM PIN - 0000 which stated on the card supplied
USER - none (not required)
PASSWORD - none (not required)
DIAL - none (default *99***1# will be used)
TYPE - UMTS/GPRS (default)

Step 6: Click on Confirm button to proceed

Step 7: For E3131 stick, select Automatic or USB3 button. Wait for 30 seconds. If a connection is successful, an IP address is shown. 

Step 8: Close the automatic pop-up browser. Now, open your usual web browser and type Refresh the page is needed to. Once, you see internet successful and a Current Public IP assigned, you are now online.



- check for the correct SIM PIN (if any)
- check APN settings are entered correctly
- check if sim card has valid data subscription
- if you have inserted another USB stick previously, reboot V4 and try from Step 1 again.



The Ezhotspot V4 used with a E3131 stick does not provide any  control on data roaming or data restriction.  If you are using a sim card with a post-paid subscription, you are hereby cautioned about extra charges if exceeding your subscription or roaming charges.