Try these keywords: usb, join, realtime, remote, etc

After clicking on a wireless network, you will be presented with a menu depending on the requirement of the remote wireless networks:

Open / Unsecured Networks   No other credentials are for joining
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Networks   A wireless key of at least 8 numerical/alphabet character is required to join
WEP Networks   A wireless key of at least 5/10/26/58 numerical/alphabet character is required to join
WPA/WPA2 Enterprise /802.1x   A username, password, EAP-Method, Authentication Method and optionally a CA Cert, Client Cert or Radius Server, is required to join



At the top of the menu (see picture below), you will be presented with a realtime RSSI monitoring. This helps you to adjust your antenna for optimal performance:



RSSI:   Usually used by professionals to determine the quality of a signal. The lower is better. For example, -50dBm is better than -80dBm
LINK Quality:   Based on an arbitrary score of 70. The higher is better. For example, 60/70 is better than 40/70
  A graphical representation of both the RSSI & Link Quality values for a quick reference
  Wireless channel which will be repeating/extending to