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The Transparent Repeater function creates a transparent wireless bridge to the joined network and allow both wired & wireless clients connecting to the EZ device to obtain networking credentials directly from your ADSL/Cable/Fiber Router or DHCP server instead from the EZhotspot.

The result is that all devices will appear to be on a single network, making Network Access Storage, File & Printer Sharing, IP cameras, etc; easy to access. The Transparent Repeater is great if you planned on using the EZhotspot on a long term basis at home to extend the wireless signal of your original wireless router.

When you are going for your vacation, press and hold the reset button for 12~15 seconds and the device is ready to join to a new wireless network, simply no wires required! The Transparent Repeater works only on open networks (no portal login required) or secured networks with WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption (used in most home and offices).

The Transparent Repeater does not work on public hotspots requiring portal login, WEP encrypted networks (very outdated & unsafe!) and WPA/WPA Enterprise 802.1x encrypted networks.