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Is it possible when using Ezwifi to disturb the Wifi setup of the Campsite?

As in all wireless repeater, the Ezhotspot extender repeats the remote wireless on the same channel. Though there might be slight interference between the different signals on the same channel, everything will still work almost correctly and normal. Noticable signal interference only happens at the end of the coverage range which the overlapping interference will get higher and will reduce in slower throughout of the connecting user only, and does not "disturb the setup of the campsite".

For example, if a user connected to SSID "WifiZone" and he is located almost out of the orange coverage range and into the green coverage range of the ezhotspot extender, the user is likley to encounter a slower throughout. Normally in a proper setup, the campsite operator would have installed an additonal access point on a different channel on the end of the coverage range to allow connecting users to switch to an access point with a stronger wireless signal. 


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