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I want to use my EXwifi as an access point (in bridge mode) using the DHCP of my other router. This would be done by connecting the ethernet cable to the yellow LAN port. However, this is messing up my network and I get the EZwifi blue/green login screen when I connect to my other Access Points. Question: Can you supply me with the right configuration when I want to manually setup the EZwifi in a (dumb) bridge access point using the advanced configuration dashboard console?

In your case,

  1. Unplug any existing network cable
  2. Connect wirelessly to the ez@XXXXXX ssid
  3. Go to ezWizard menu --> Advanced Dashboard --> Network --> Interfaces
  4. Click EDIT button of MY_NETWORK
  5. Scroll down to DHCP Server
  6. Click on "Ignore interface"
  7. Click on Save and Apply button
  8. Disconnect wireless client and rejoin to ez@XXXXXX again to check if DHCP is now assigned from your home router
  9. Disconnect wireless client and join to your home router. Check if DHCP is now assigned from your home router and any other pop up.

To acess back to ezwizard menu, unplug any network cables and perform a soft factory reset

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