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 A high gain 8dBi omni-directional outdoor suction cup antenna is supplied in the box.

It has 2 mounting holes to ensure the antenna can always be in a upright position, whether it is on the side of the window or on the top of a camper roof for best perforamnce.

It can be quickly mounted and dismounted without additional brackets and drilling holes.


 IMG 20170301 081723767


If the source of the wifi hotspot is located outside, it is always better to place the outdoor antenna with 3 meters cable outside. It is best practice to locate the 2.4Ghz antenna to obtain a line of sight or near line of sight to the wifi hotpot and avoid any physical obstacles whenever possible.

When using the EZ-WUSB150 wifi dongle in conjunction with the V4, no antenna will be needed on the other connection of the V4 because the personal hotspot "ez@XXXXXX" is transmitted from the antenna of the wifi dongle. You may also use one of the V4's 5dBi antenna over the wifi dongle's 2dBbi antenna to enhance the experience on the "ez@XXXXXX" SSID.

Note: EZ-WUSB150 is no longer officially supported from firmware version 4.12 

It is possible to connect an optional antenna of any type (omni-directional , directional, yagi, parabolic) as long as they are rated for the 2.4~2.5Ghz spectrum and the cable used must have a RP-SMA-Male type to connect to the V4

Yes, it is possible to use a different directional antenna with a higher dB gain. 2 areas to take note will be:

  1. Ensure the antenna is of the correct frequency. On the V4, only antennas with 2.4Ghz specifications can be used. On the V5, antennas of 2.4Ghz or 5-5.8Ghz specifications can be used. On the V5, ensure it is connected to the correct SMA connector as indicated.

  2. Ensure your the end of your antenna connector is of RP-SMA-Male type to fit correctly to the Ezhotspot device.

It is recommended that only 1 directional antenna be used for transmission with the distance remote wireless hotspot and the original omni-directional pole antenna is used for distribution to wireless device effectively in a 360 degree coverage. Any ports can be used.  

When repeating a remote wireless network, the range is more critical than the bandwidth, hence a single 8dBi outdoor antenna is sufficient since most hotspots are not likely to offer internet speed of above 50mbps.


The V4 packages comes with 2 x 360° directional indoor antennas and and 1 x 360° directional outdoor suction pad antenna with 3 meters cable.

The V5 packages comes with 4 x 360° directional indoor antennas and and 2 x 360° directional outdoor suction pad antenna with 3 meters cable.




If used at home as a general wireless access point, wireless router or wireless repeater repeating another wireless router within the house, using both the indoor antennas are generally sufficient.





If repeating a remote wireless router (for example a public hotspot) outside your house, camper or yacht, the outdoor antenna connector can be connected to any one of the antenna port and the antenna mounted on the rooftop or window for better reception.


It can also used for extending an indoor wireless signal to your garden.


Below is an intersection of the cable of the outdoor antenna  EZ-8DBI-2GHZ in the EZ311 package.
It is a RG174U cable with a outer diameter of 2.6mm

Below is an intersection of a TV co-axial cable 
It can be a RG6 or RG11 cable with a outer diameter of 8.4 ~ 10.3mm


Technically, you can cut the somewhere in the middle of cable of the outdoor antenna  EZ-8DBI-2GHZ and adjoining a required length of the TV Co-axial cable; however you need to skillfully join the  Inner conductor to the copper wire  and  Outer conductor to the Copper Mesh  by soldering, electrical tape or terminal block, etc.

It may be cosmetically unappealing by appearance, but it will serve the purpose provided it is skillfully done that no signal loss results from the adjoining parts.

Alternatively, it would be best to acquire a ready made extension cable with the corresponding connectors and that you can just extend it easily without any hassle. Below are example of a H155 / RG58 type cable with low loss in 3 or 5 meters.

5 Meters - https://www.kommago.nl/antenneverlengkabel-van-rp-sma-male-naar-rp-sma-female-5-meter/pid=50521

3 Meters - https://www.kommago.nl/antenneverlengkabel-van-rp-sma-male-naar-rp-sma-female-3-meter/pid=49501