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Can I place the V4 outdoor?

No, the V4 must be placed indoor. Only the supplied OMNI High Gain 8dBi external detachable suction antenna with 3 meters cable can be placed outdoor.

The V4 main unit is designed with the following in mind :

1. The V4 has a USB port to support 3G/4G dongle or smartphone tethering. An outdoor design will make it impossible to insert the necessary 3G/4G dongle or tether the smartphone.

2. The V4 needs to be factory reset after the transparent repeater mode is selected or in the event when no SSID ez@xxxxxx is broadcasting due to joining an intermittent weak wireless signal. The V4 overcomes the inconvenience of factory resetting in the older V3 models as the V3 models are sometimes mounted in a difficult to reach location, such as on a mast.

3. To avoid unnecessary attention leading to theft, only the antenna with 3 meters cable is placed outside. You will not worry about the V4 stolen when you are in the public spaces.