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Beginning this hotspot in the future support 5GHz an update?

The Ezhotspot Extender, by nature is a 2.4Ghz wireless repeater and its main objective is to solve the underlying problem of range, obstacles and stability. The 2.4Ghz band is still proven to offer the best penetration through obstacles such as walls, ceilings and trees than the 5Ghz band. 

5Ghz used in the outdoor is also subject to DFS, which is also mandated in the 5470-5725 MHz U-NII band for radar avoidance. Literally, it means, a public hotspot offering 5Ghz needs to switch a different channel or shut off wireless temporary to make way for nearby airport, harbor, military or weather devices using the similar channel, which have higher priority. 

We found an easy link to understand. Read more by clicking here

If the Ezhotspot Extender is a 5Ghz device, it will lose its essence as a truly stable and reliable hotspot extender.


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