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Connecting to a remote wireless with intermittent or poor wireless signal will result in:

  • ezWifi Wizard Configuration button constantly appearing
  • constant wireless disconnection
  • cannot find the ez@xxxxxx SSID
  • not able to to connect to the ez@xxxxxx SSID
  • prompted incorrect wireless key when joining, even if wireless key is correct
  • unable to scan wireless networks
  1. Ensure the antenna is positioned correctly to have the optimum coverage. Use [Scan All Network] and before joining, make sure the real-time LINK Quality is good and at least 3 green bars.  
  2. Disable the Auto recovery function if you repeatably have to re-login to a hotspot or prompted the ezWifi Wizard Menu.
  3. Some public hotspot may have blocked your MAC address. In this case, use the [Change MAC address] to select a random address and rejoin again to try.
  4. If the remote network is secured, ensure the correct wireless key is entered noting the UPPER and LOWER case.
  5. If you have made some adjustments in the Advanced Dashboard, it may interference with the Ezwizard to perform correctly. In this case, you must perform a SOFT FACTORY reset.

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