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Firmware 4.48 and above

 01   Go to Configuration & Status --> Change Mac Address Menu.


 02   Select a random MAC Address and click Confirm. Now join to remote open hotspot again.



If a specific MAC Address is needed, you can generate or clone the MAC Address. Click on [Blocked Device?] for the guide to generating or cloning a specific MAC Address, such as your iPhone/Android or compuuters.


Older Firmware version

To work around hotspot provider blocking the ezhotspot MAC address, you can assign a random MAC address or clone a MAC address before connecting to the hotspot provider if the default MAC address was blocked.

 01    Use the Scan public hotspot or Scan private hotspot as needed in your situation

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 02    Once you have located to SSID to join, click on the Device Blocked button to dropdown further confiiguration

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 03    Select the "Generate random Mac address" or "Clone a Mac address if a voucher is already being used by your existing device and the policy of voucher is binding to only the registered Mac address until expiry. Please read built-in instruction how to obtain the device Mac address

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 04    Click on the Confirm Button to join to the remote public hotspot

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