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My SSID, Key & Channel

In the "My SSID, Key & Channel" menu, you can change

  • the broadcasted SSID as needed
  • hide your broadcasted SSID as needed
    (note: when hiding SSID, you need to refer to your device's wireless setting to manually join to the V4)
  • the wireless key as needed
  • the wireless channel as needed when in a wireless router or wireless AP mode
    (note: changing of wireless channel is not possible when in repeater | extender mode)



Enter the desired SSID and/or wireless key and click on Confirm to proceed


How do map domain names to a static IP in the ezhotspot DNS?

  1. Go to Advanced Dashboard

  2. On the top left or left menu, select Network --> Hostnames

  3. Click on Add

  4. Type desired hostname (ex: in Hostname field

  5. Type desired IP address (ex: in IP address

  6. Click on [Save & Apply] 

  7. Reboot Ezhotspot

  8. Any clients connected to Ezhotspot using default DNS will get reply of when pinging