• Perfect WiFi for holiday makers

    Perfect WiFi for holiday makers

    Watch Dutch TV with EzHotspot V4 when abroad!
  • Complete WiFi coverage in the whole house

    Complete WiFi coverage in the whole house

    covers every deadspots up to 3 floors
  • Share WiFi with family & friends

    Share WiFi with family & friends

    One voucher ticket or 3G/LTE internet for everyone!
  • Easy Wizard Setup

    Easy Wizard Setup

    only a smartphone or tablet needed for setup
  • Designed for complete ease of usage

    Designed for complete ease of usage

    even Grandpa & Grandma can do it

in a nutshell...

  • Repeats a weak remote wireless signal

    supports all open and secured wireless networks including 802.1x /PEAP wireless networks

  • Shares wifi from a 3G/4G *dongle

    or also from Apple/Android phone

    * 3G/4G dongle not included
    Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
    Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries
  • Plug behind your ADSL/Cable/Fiber Router

    as a long range wireless access point

  • Auto failover connection

    WAN <---> WIRELESS <---> 3G/LTE

    Switches to 3G/LTE when a remote wireless network is no longer available

  • Connect to more wireless network

    Using the outdoor high gain antenna which can be easily placed outside the camper or yacht without drilling or brackets and start surfing in no time.


  • Easy Wizard Setup

    Large buttons that goes easy on your thumb or finger.

    Wizard detects smartphone language and switches automatically to one of the 23 EU language support whenever possible.

  • Wireless made easy

    Scan the desired wireless in the neighborhood easily. Discover more networks that your tablets, smartphones or laptop are not able to discover or join to.

  • Scan made easy

    Scan results are easy to view and select with signal strengths indicated and also showing which are unsecured or secured networks that need a passphrase key.

  • Real Time Signal Strength

    Real time indication of remote wireless signal strength before joining

    Allows you to adjust the antenna position for optimized performance!

  • Quick Hotspot

    Easy Click-N-Go to popular public hotspots in the Benelux

  • Guest sharing made easy

    Share WiFi with friends and guest instantly and redirect them to your Facebook page ; P

    Limit their speed if you are on very precious bandwidth

    Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc..
  • Phone sharing made easy

    Tether your Apple or Android phone's data service and share it on the go instantly!

    Your phone also gets charged at the same time : )

    Android® is a trademark of Google Inc.
    Apple® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • 3G/4G sharing made easy

    Share your 3G/4G dongle by the Plug-N-Play. Wizard instantly discovers supported dongles and everybody in your network is online.

  • Watch local TV | Private browsing

    Fancy a more secured internet or watch a local TV program while abroad? No problem with just a few clicks on the V4 with supported Tor, OpenVPN and PPTP/L2TP

    Tor® is a trademark of The Tor Project
    This product is produced independently from the Tor® anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.
  • Keep Internet Alive

    Some hotspot providers will disassociate you after a period of inactivity, requiring you to re-login again. The Keep Alive feature will trick the provider that you are still online during inactive periods.

  • Block Device Updates

    Prevents connected devices from downloading system updates or cloud file syncing in the background on a limited 3G/4G connection

  • Blacklist & keywords Block

    Blocks over 200 thousand blacklisted websites and block websites by name or keyword

    Say goodbye to unwanted advertisements* and malicious popups*

    * publicly reported by online communities as of 2017-06-01

Test Drive it now!

Yes, it is that easy!
Now you can use the TEST DRIVE it LIVE demo to feel what it is like exactly in your hands.


What is and Why the EzHotspot Extender V4?

The EzHotspot Extender is a wireless long range repeater that repeats and amplify a weak remote wireless so that smartphones, tablets and laptops can easily access the remote wireless network.

It can also share a 3G/4G dongle or smartphone's data services, when connected to the USB port.

It can also be connected with a LAN cable to your existing ADSL/Cable/Fiber Modem router to perform as a long range wireless access point or wireless router.

It essentially out-perform many of newly advertised mesh routers in the industry today in term of range and portability, because:

  • you can watch a local TV streaming when abroad without having to install VPN software on every device
  • you cannot bring these mesh routers to your camper or yacht 
  • these mesh routers cannot repeat a public hotspot 
  • these mesh routers do not offer a failover option to a 3G/4G connectivity
  • you do not need to download additional APP to configure the network
  • you need only 1 EzHotspot Extender, instead of a bundle of these mesh routers wasting precious electricity and creating more point of failures

Most of all our resellers have a 14/30 days no dispute return policy. Ask them about it. We invite you to try it out for yourself and you shall soon find out that the Ezhotspot Extender is all you will ever need for your wireless connectivity needs, whether at home or holidays

Discover all about the Ezhotspot V4


Bloggers wanted

We are looking for bloggers, preferably English, German, French, Spanish or Italian bloggers actively contributing to the camping/yachting communities and forums to test drive the V4 in real life!

The eligible candidate(s) will be sent a complimentary V4 to his/her doorway.

Eligible candidate(s) must prove the authenticity of his/her blogs or reviews in public view-able forums. 

If you have the passion writing about gadgets, kindly Sign me up! below and drop us a message with the links of your previous blogs and reviews.

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidate(s) shall be notified.

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